Saturday, April 25, 2015

This Week Proves

That Randomosity is definitely the right name for this blog, lol. So, before I forget, a heads up: For the foreseeable future I'll be posting a little less. Three, or possibly two days a week. Why? I'm starting an online organic gardening course next week, and I'll need to devote some time to it. Planting season is upon us as well, and that takes time and energy; having a finite amount of energy means less of it to spend here, although I've no intention of completely disappearing.

I've finally decided to get an Essential Tremour Medical Alert bracelet and card after reading a post by a member of my ET group. She had to go to the emergency room for a bleeding ulcer only to have the admitting nurse loudly announce, after observing her movements, "You've got DT's!" (delirium tremens) Even after having it explained that it was ET, not DT's, the nurse... who must have been very far behind on her continuing education courses, kept proclaiming loudly and contemptuously, that it was DT's. It was a bleeding ulcer.

I don't believe for a minute that all, or even many, nursing staff are so rude and ignorant, but also can't afford for my movements to be mistaken for DT's, drug overdose or withdrawals, or hysteria if I've been injured in an accident, or had a heart attack or another stroke. Also, having already had the experience of being followed around a store by a squint-eyed policeman, I think it's a good idea to have this I.D. just in case. Yes, I'm probably being paranoid; I'm okay with that.

Next week, per a suggestion from another of the Great Scot's cousins... Bass Flow's much, much younger sister whom I'll call Esse... I'll be sharing a video of Portencross Castle. It has been partially restored, and restoration is ongoing, and although it isn't in Kilbirnie/Glengarnock proper, it is located in West Kilbride, which isn't that far. Today, however, I'll be sharing the ruins of Glengarnock castle, which overlooks the river Garnock shown in the first video in this series; to learn more about it, click Here.  The hole the video gives you a peek into contains the Great Scot's name scrawled upon the walls.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bits and Bobs Too

So, as stated yesterday, I mistakenly said that the tunnel from the Craufurd (Crawford) tomb went to Glengarnock castle, but nay, not so: It would have been Kilbirnie Plaice (or Place) castle. The lovely Bass Flow, the Great Scot's musical cousin... who's also a dab hand at photography... got us a couple of photos of the Kilbirnie castle ruins:

Do you see the arch at ground level in the second photo? That was once the main entrance to the older section of the castle! (Thanks so much BF, you're a sweetie! Xx)

So, I got my bialys from Oy Vey today...

You just can't imagine how delicious they are until you try one... just the scent alone is enough to make you drool, and when you bite into that yeasty, buttery goodness with the savoury sweetness of caramelised onion and the nuttiness of poppy seeds, your tastebuds are going to sit up and sing! These are not bagels, which are boiled and then baked; bialys are baked.. no boiling here... they still have a slightly chewy, toothsome, texture and a full of flavour! Instead of a hole, they have a depression in the center, traditionally filled with the caramelised onion and poppy seeds seen here, but other varieties are available. Don't slice your bialy btw, this isn't a sandwich bun! I warmed mine and used a bit of cream cheese on top, but it would also be tasty with some roast beef, etc... piled on. I'm thinking maybe some smoked salmon...

Jenn drove me to Oy Vey, and had a lovely reunion with her friend; she also came away with some goodies of her own: 

Tuna salad on half a house roll; Jenn loves tuna salad, she always has, and since Leah (her friend and one of the wonderful ladies who owns and runs Oy Vey) slapped some Kalamata olives on the sammy after learning of my daughter's love of black olives, Jenn has now been converted to Kalamata love! I swear, she growled when I got a bit too close, lol. And for a bit of dessert, the Jennling chose a blackberry turnover:

I didn't dare venture near in case I lost fingers, but considering the expression on her face... yeah, it was good. When we left, after a round of hugs, we were both delighted with the visit, and I'm hoping to do interviews sometime in the not too distant future; as long as it isn't disruptive to their work. Oh, and Mitchell, they read your question about knish, and the answer is a resounding yes, they do knish! You know I'm going to have to sacrifice myself for you, and try some, right? I'd try some borscht for San Geraldo, but I don't eat soup in public... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Yup, I know I'm going on and on about Oy Vey, but the food is delicious, the people are wonderful AND:  I am seldom able to get out of the house during the week, and it's extremely rare for me to go anywhere without the Great Scot so, yeah, this is a good place for me to visit when I'm able. 

Oh, and I did a bit of baking myself this morning:

Peach, raspberry, and almond muffins. I did an extra-large batch so there were enough to share with some of my darling's co-workers. Speaking of, our friend Dee recently had a birthday, so we're taking she and sweet Bay out for dinner at Red Lobster this weekend coming; can't wait to see them! 

This next video is of Kelburn castle, where the Great Scot used to work; I'm still not sure what I think of the graffiti project, but the grounds are gorgeous. So tell me folks, are you ready to return to music videos, or would you like another week of videos about the Glengarnock/Kilbirnie area of Scotland?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Still More Q & A

With questions (inadvertently) supplied by the lovely, and ever-patient East Gwillimbury CameraGirl. But first, this shot of my poor wee Buddha. The Great Scot was all set to let them out for the first time of the day, when Buddha...looking terribly woebegone... caught my sweetheart's eye:

Somehow Buddha had worked his head through one of the tiny openings of his crocheted blanket, making it into a poncho ala Pancho Villa. Obviously the poor guy wasn't thrilled by the fashion statement he was making, lol, nor by the fact he had to wait for his photo to be taken before being rescued. He has that pitiful look down pat!

26. If I were a body part.... I would be an elbow, an eminently useful part. It's handy when in the midst of a crowd, or when sharing a laugh, and it's directly connected to the mouth. What? Whenever my right elbow bends, my mouth flies open; doesn't yours?

A beautiful sunset, captured a few weeks ago. Everything is much greener now, and trees are blooming/leafing out.

27. If I were a song.... I'd be Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day'.

A concrete block barn, captured earlier during that same drive.

28. If I were a bird... I'd be a hawk; streaking through the sky and dancing with the thermals. Or a mourning dove; crooning to the souls whose passage only they can see.

For those of you who are relatively new to my blog, this is my Pop. Pop, who has always been bigger than life, isn't doing so well now. He just had to have a cancerous growth removed from his nose... on top of all his other health 'stuff'. His weight is falling steadily, he weighs less than 175 lbs., a huge drop, and he is growing steadily weaker. Mom says it won't be long before he'll be confined to a wheelchair, and they've begun looking into assisted living facilities near where they live in Florida.

29. If I were a gift... I would be the gift of time. Time for love, for understanding, for mending fences and making amends. Most of us have far too much 'stuff', and far too little time for the really important things in life.

This next video in the series about the Great Scot's old stomping grounds is of the town of Kilbirnie's 'Auld Kirk' (old church). Kilbirnie and Glengarnock, both smallish towns, are located side by side. Local legends say that the old Craufurd (Crawford) mausoleum in the Auld Kirk's cemetery had a passage between it and the ruins of Glengarnock castle; once the Crawford's family seat. Considering the fighting going on during the time the tomb was constructed, it wouldn't have been an unwise idea. Enjoy the video of this beautiful old kirk; in the snowy bit, the flat-topped, blackish tomb to the left of screen is the old Craufurd mausoleum. Oh, and they're looking for a minister, if you're game! Edited to add: Oops! I misremembered the name of the castle... rather than Glengarnock castle, the Crawford family's seat was Kilbirnie castle, aka Plaice castle. Thank you to my sweetheart and his musical cousin, Bass Flow, for correcting my faulty memory!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

And Now, For Something Completely Different...

No more music this week! Instead, I'll be sharing short videos about the area where the Great Scot 'growed up' at the end of each post.

My sweetheart had a long weekend, which is always lovely. Saturday, we spent mostly working in the garden, although we did slip away and get this: 

Two views of the Contorted Filbert, aka Harry Lauder's walking stick, aka Contorted Hazelnut. Yup, this twisted sister, which will be an interesting specimen all year 'round, is also our first serious foray into edible landscaping. It will be placed front and center in the front garden, on a slight slope, since they really don't like wet feet. Now we have to figure out how to keep the squirrels away, lol. (To learn more about this fascinating shrub, click on the 'image source' links.)

Speaking of keeping things away... we make our own potting soil, and this naughty girl (Abby) has taken to digging it up and eating it, yeck! She is fond of eating odd things, including a gift intended for an overseas friend... it was the cardboard you see, she finds it irresistible. Naughty Abby, all dressed up and nowhere to go...

Sunday, we mostly ran around, on Monday we went, as you saw yesterday, to Oy Vey, where I spotted this sign... which made me chuckle. (Click on any picture to enlargen; go on, I dare ya!)

Also had a spectacularly unsatisfying appointment with the neurologist; the Great Scot was aggravated and I was practically frothing at the mouth by the end of the appointment. Let me just say, we're now very aware that we can't trust what he tells us and have had more than enough of neurologists, period.

Later in the evening, we made our bi-weekly run to the library, and spotted this sweet old lady:

I decided to experiment with a retro fade filter; whatcha think?

So, anyway, I should be getting back in the swing of visiting your blogs again, until this coming weekend, which shall be a long one again, with a Monday meeting with the cardiologist. Meh.

So, this video: It's the Spout of the River Garnock, in both summer and winter. One of my sweetheart's favourite areas for flyfishing since childhood, the Spout can play tricks on  you! One set of photos the Great Scot took seemed to show a body laying on the rocks of the bottom of the spout! It was a visual trick of light, water droplets, and rocks... thank goodness!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Just Say: Oy Vey!

This is the tale of a wee eatery, with great food... great and gracious folks behind the food... and with the courage of their convictions. It's rather like one of those small town diners I remember from my childhood; casual, welcoming, inclusive, and with massive amounts of delicious food! It's called the Oy Vey Bakery and Deli, and it's located in the 12 Points area of Terre Haute. Yes, this is a shameless plug; if you'd like to learn more about them, check out their Facebook page Here.

The first thing I fell in love with, when entering the premises, was the casual-but-warm welcome. I've written before about how good it feels to be treated normally, so I don't need to go over it again, just let me say that this is yet another place we'll return to over and over again; not just for their graciousness, but for their splendiferous food!

The Great Scot and I split their Three Deli Brothers sandwich, as well as cups of their cucumber salad and fruit salad... and it was more than enough to satisfy our appetites. These sandwiches are huge, see?

(Nope, I couldn't wait to take a bite of this hot Corned Beef, Pastrami, and Turkey on Rye with just the perfect amount of horseradish.)

Lunch for two, with coffee and water, for $12.84. Not a bad price at all, am I right? Especially when you consider they bake their own breads and roast their own meats on premises!

The sides are just as big, filling, and delicious as their sandwiches... fresh fruits and veggies; no canned stuff in sight (or taste).

They also have a number of vegetarian breakfasts, sandwiches, soups and entrees... their baked goods are mostly, or all, gluten free. Signs of a great eatery...

(As always, you can click on any photo to embiggen.)

Funny but true: When my daughter saw the photo of the woman pictured below, who calls everyone 'love', she recognised her as a former co-worker. My sweetheart and I were thoroughly charmed by her!

You all know that inclusivity is very important to me, and it obviously is to them as well.

Oh, and did I mention bakery? Take a gander at some of the goodies (bagels pictured here) that they make:

Also, they know how to make bialys, something I've wanted to try since Mitchell reminded me of them; Mr. R, the dear man who allowed me to read all his first edition Oz books, used to rhapsodise about bialys. You have to special order them, which is no problem... traditional onion bialys, here I come! For a bit of the history behind the bialy, go Here.

Music today... an oldie but a goodie:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oops, I Did It Again

I missed out a post last night. My darling stayed off work with a sore back, which led to an 8 hour 'nap'... I'd apologise but I'm really not sorry.

So, I'm in the mood for something outrageous, like throwing a Mad Hatter's tea party... but what to wear? How about something like this hat my Mom is wearing:

The Jennling would have been all set...

I think I'll go with this one:

Big brother will fit right in!

The teapot and cups are ready...

Or would you prefer a fancier place setting?

How about you, lovely readers? Would you ever indulge your silly side by attending a Mad Hatter's Tea Party? What would you wear? Just hop in your car...

...and drive on over, we'll keep the kettle on!

Another beautiful photo by Bass Flow... it may go up on the header soon.

A great acoustic rendition of Have You Ever Seen the Rain, by The Temperance Movement:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Q & A Time Again!

It's that time again! Another series of questions, borrowed from the gracious and good-humoured East Gwillimbury CameraGirl and accompanied by totally unrelated food photos. Enjoy!

(Yummy breakfast potatoes!)

21. If I were a food, I'd be.... Crunchy, like popcorn, but with lots of flavour. Hmmm, wonder if wasabi popcorn would be any good? Or I'd be homemade bread (of any kind) fresh from the oven, yum!

(Chocolate/strawberry loaf cake.)

22. If I were a place, I'd be.... A bookstore with a coffee bar. What could possibly be better? Oh wait, add music to the mix and we're talking heavenly!

(Black pepper chicken and rice.)

23. If I were material I would be... Silk; I can't stand anything scratchy against my skin.

(Zucchini Cheddar bread.)

24. If I were a taste, I'd be... Acquired.

(Banana, brown butter and brown sugar muffins.)

25. If I were a scent, I'd be... Tart apples and honey; love the combination of the two!

So now, here is a question for you, lovely readers: What is the oddest/ickiest thing you've ever eaten? For me, it's a draw between the Limburger cheese my Dad used to love when I was wee, and pretty much anything my Grandma M cooked. As much as I loved her, a good cook she wasn't, lol. 

Here is a beautiful rendition of the Dougie McLean song, Caledonia, by the beautiful young Scottish/Canadian singer, Caitlin Bell. Enjoy!