Thursday, May 21, 2015


Tami's funeral will be this evening. 

The coroner could find no cause of death, so there are more questions than answers. Mom and Pop wonder if it is the family propensity for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (learn more Here). Pop's health isn't allowing them to make the long trip to attend the funeral, which is, of course, a source of grief and pain in and of itself. So tonight is a time for private farewells, and letting go.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In The Garden, Lalalalala

But first, a few photos taken after the rain yesterday. All photos my own unless otherwise specified, click to enhuge-alate.

An unusual tan brick building kitty-cornered from Terre Haute's main library; gilded by the sun.

The beautiful little St. George Orthodox Church, with it's miniature dome, against the clearing sky.

A very well-done mural on the side of the Terre Haute Boy's and Girl's club, newly washed by the rain.

Detail of the front entry of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran church; and a slightly different angle of the first building.

I'm not sure what the building is currently used for, it makes me think of buildings in Amsterdam for some reason.

So... garden; the photo below is what I planted in this evening:

In the centre is potentilla... there to attract pollinators, and to be pretty. On the top right in the tub is common thyme, lower right is variegated sage, and on the left is variegated oregano. In the bucket to the right are peas; they're growing well, happily.

Tomatoes, with radishes at the perimeter - springing up nicely - and carrots beginning to sprout up well.

The Rosso Sicilians. (For a comparison with last week, look Here.)

Black Krim and Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.

Sweet peppers, radishes, and more peas.

Lettuces, needing to be thinned. Salad anyone? The small pot to the left is Jenn's, and contains freshly-sprouted chamomile; click on the photo for a better view.

And that is the state of the garden; it will soon be time to side dress the plants with organic fertiliser, the tomatoes and peppers will get a drink of calcium-magnesium water soon to help prevent things like blight and blossom end rot. Tomorrow will bring the planting of onion sets, squash seed, and more carrots.

Did you know: Scatman Crothers was from Terre Haute. If you watched Hong Kong Phooey as a child, or with a child, you'll know his voice. If you watched Chico and the Man, or The Shining you'll know his face (he played Dick Halloran). And if you listen to this Disney song, you'll hear him singing 'scat' as, who else, Scat Cat. You can learn more about him Here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don't Know Why...

It's stormy weather. We're getting storms and rain here; lots and lots of rain, haven't had to water the container veggies this week lots of rain. See? (Click on any photo to enlargen; all photos my own, unless otherwise specified.)

Friday's sky:

And Monday...

And then it really cut loose -

Just a wee shower, but nothing lasts forever... something we tend to forget when times are hard, and we think it will go on and on. No, it can't rain all the time.

Isn't that the oddest little white cloud on the right? Rather reminds me of a moray eel's mouth.

You find beauty where you look for it. (Other than cropping, this photo is un-retouched.)

Despite the weather, we did pick up some flowers; a mixture of the flat and tubular flowers preferred by pollinators.

No leeks to be found anywhere! Instead, I'll be planting herbs, more flowers, onions, golden beets, cucumber and squash. Our wee garden is growing like gangbusters, yay!

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Few Photos

The Great Scot took me to my favourite wee shop, Herbs and Heirlooms (and Homebrews too) for a cheery stroll around the shop, and it's lovely cottage garden. Of course I had to take photos to share with you - particularly of this wee fellow... (All photos my own unless otherwise noted, click on photo to giant-size.)

My Dad was always fascinated by Area 51, aliens, and alien abductions - it got him a bit of gentle ribbing over the years, but when I see things like this I have to smile. If you want to learn more about Area 51, click Here.

This lovely lady is the Chinese goddess of Mercy; variously known at Kwan, Quan, or Guan Yin. She faces the entrance to the shop; and there's me in the reflection, looking outrageously serious as I hold my breath whilst holding steady....

A gorgeous 'hand' blown glass sphere, aka 'witch' ball. I always wondered why they called it hand blown, since it's not their hands they blow with.

In the garden --

Trellis, with a lovely pale purple clematis growing up through it, and surrounded by wild columbine.

Path through part of their cottage garden; it was a grey, drizzly day, but still lovely.

Beautiful wee garden betwixt sidewalk and street.

Everything about this rose is perfect; the bloom, the placement, even the surrounding plants. Wonder if the owners would allow me to take a cutting? Did you know that ground cinnamon makes a good substitute for rooting hormone, and that it provides excellent protection against fungal diseases and mildews roses are prone to?

Oh! And my sweetheart got me a new rose plant... a Joseph's Coat climbing rose, my favourite!

It even does well in hot, humid summers - which is a must here.

After taking Mr. Fluffletail (aka San Geraldo Mitchell) to the vet this morning, to forever quash any hopes of him 'doing the Tribble' and replicating... we'll be doing some plant shopping. Along with leeks, and other yummy stuff, we'll be concentrating on bee-friendly plants. Our favourite local nursery provides neonicotinoid-free plants, as well as information on bee habitats, etc...

Mr. Fluffletail (helping tidy up the back yard, lol).

Yes, the big, fluffy, white thing on his bum is all tail - hence 'Mr. Fluffletail'. Funny, but true, our vet, a lovely and skilled woman, has the unfortunate last name of 'Skank'. I think that I will never, ever be able to greet her with "hello Dr. Skank"; is that bad?

Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes and condolences; they have been very much appreciated by all.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Please Send Good Thoughts

After my last post I received a call from Mom and Pop.

My sister, Tami, passed away this morning. She had not been ill and was only two years older than I; she'd worked yesterday. We have no cause of death as of yet. Her son, who is a year younger than Jenn, went in to check on her when she failed to get ready for work; she was already gone.

Please send good thoughts, healing thoughts, and prayers to the family; if you so desire.

This is the second child Mom and Pop have lost in as many years.

Tami is the blonde on the left.

I Called The Witch Doctor....

...and asked him what to do. Or, rather, the cardiologist. After telling his nurse what was happening, she spoke with him and returned. my. call.

My blood pressure has been swinging from very low to very high on this medication, in addition to the other problems. Last night the GI problems grew, erm, uncontrollable. After cleaning up after that mess, my stomach decided to rebel. Far too long was spent worshipping the porcelain goddess, and I was just done with the whole mess. This is not a medicine you can just stop taking after you've taken it for a while and, not knowing if I had passed that point, I elected to call the cardiologist's office to see if I had to titrate down. (Gradually reduce the dose.)

Thankfully, I haven't taken it long enough to need to titrate; I can just stop taking it. I feel better, just knowing that. It's going to take a few more days to clear it completely out of my system, however.

Last night almost broke me - I haven't so much dignity left that I can afford to lose what tatters remain. It was bad enough I nearly called the Great Scot home from work; something I've only had to do once. I've developed a very great sympathy for guinea pigs. Of course, today the lovely Lily Doodle -she of the delicate stomach- has been into something which has her hurling at a moment's notice. Yay?

Anyway, back in a few days; meanwhile, more pictures (my own this time):


Methinks this 'mushroom' would be rather crunchy...

Lemon basil (lovely stuff!) on either end of the trough, and some of Jenn's mint in the wee pot. The purple ruffles basil in the centre of the trough is struggling a bit. Now for some music, then I'm off to bed as quick as a turtle stuck in glue:

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green

So I know, when starting a new med., that it's generally going to be a rocky few days. This time isn't any different except, well, it's worse than usual... I'm feeling rather like this:

Y'know - Green - around the gills.

I have no appetite, and when I make myself eat it doesn't stick around long. 'Nuff said.

Sorry, may not be around much until this works itself out.