Friday, October 9, 2015

It Was A Pretty Good Day

How could it not be, with these two nuts on the loose?

Jenn 1 and Jenn 2, lol. 

And the kidling has the nerve to bring me a candy bar saying this:

Just so you know, this is our sign.

I definitely needed some silliness today, nothing cures the blues half so well.

Photos from the museum/bakeshop:

Various forms of transport -

This was suspended just a few feet below the (very) high ceiling.

A coffee bean car... all the brown areas are covered with coffee beans.

The Hulman family were the owners of Clabber Girl and, later, the Indianapolis Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500. (To learn more go Here.) It's only natural you'd find one of the race cars here.

Vroom, vroom!

This dynamo is still operating! 

But they stopped using this old time clock back in the 50's.

I think it's been even longer since they used this old telephone exchange system.

That's enough pictures for now - many more yet to come.

This week's menu: (Some items have carried over, neither of us felt like eating for much of the week.)

Saturday 10/10: Ham and egg fried rice/quinoa

Sunday 10/11: Creamy, savoury butternut squash soup.

Monday 10/12: Philly cheese steak sandwiches and potato wedges.

Tuesday 10/13: Beef and noodles, Brussels sprouts

Wednesday 10/14: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas

Thursday 10/15: Prawn curry

Friday 10/16: Chicken stirfry with orange sauce

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Another Farewell

My cousin Terry, one of the heroes of my younger days.


I hab the sneezles. Not a cold; allergies... thank goodness for Benadryl, even though it makes me sleep.

So, more pictures and 'scuse me whilst I ATCHOO at you!

This coming Friday Mom, the kidling and I will be going here:

(Photo from 2014)

'Here' being the Clabber Girl museum and bakeshop/restaurant. Clabber Girl is a brand of baking powder which is headquartered here in Terre Haute... and as all three of us like to bake, it will be an enjoyable time. They also roast their own coffee on premises, so between the two - baking and coffee roasting - I expect the place to smell lovely. Just hope I can smell it!

To learn more, go HERE.

I'm not as gung-ho tonight as I have been of late, but am still getting stuff done, despite the sneezles. Besides the usual chores of collecting stuff to go out to the bin, putting together the furry food assembly line -

examining the weekly grocery circulars and all that good stuff; I'm also drying some pineapple.

Did you know: When fresh pineapple is unavailable, out of season and/or prohibitively expensive, tinned pineapple (in juice) makes a perfectly acceptable alternative for drying? As a bonus ~ if you are going to be drying apples or pears (which I will be doing) then save the juice from the tinned pineapple. Use it in place of the more usual water with lemon to prevent browning, and to give your dried goods a marvellous flavour.

Oh and btw, the Creamy Potato Soup with Roasted Garlic turned out well...

Methinks that, quite soon after my sweetheart returns home from work, I'm going to feed the critters and crawl back into bed...

Just because it's fun:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

The Bee Lady (see her Here) says I'm 'nesty'. I like that, so I'm stealing, erm, borrowing it. 

Lemon thyme 

Variegated Oregano

And how went your day? Love - 'Nesty'

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More Busy And More Cheapskatery

It's that time of year again... when days (and nights) are getting cooler and the dreadful humidity of summer gives way to the crisper air of autumn. I love this time of year for so many reasons, despite the fact that winter is in the offing.

Always, I find myself wanting to organise, to cook - and bake! - and clean. I get a new lease on remodeling projects, and begin sewing again. This year I find myself wanting to be surrounded by colour, lots of colour, which is a bit unusual for me since I've generally preferred softer, more serene, colour schemes most of my life. Methinks I'm just going to go with it.

It was a lovely weekend, and our godson, Kai's, 11th birthday. It was also the weekend his youngest sister Bree, who is 2 1/2, learned to pedal her trike herself - well, with a wee nudge from Dad.

Of course, the Great Scot and sweet Bay had to have a confab. Looks serious, doesn't it!

Kai was in non-stop motion, so we weren't able to get photos of him this time, maybe next.

Tis also the time to begin planning holiday celebrations with family, and family-by-choice. We'll be starting off with a Halloween bonfire with this family, it should be a blast!

It's also time to get serious (again) about menu planning and budgets... that'll give us a few extra dollars for the holidays... and it's also time to stock up for the inevitable power outages this winter, bleagh!

So, this week's menu:

Tonight: Creamy potato and roasted garlic soup.

Tuesday: Baked chicken breasts and stuffed acorn squash rings.

Wednesday: Pasta w/ ham and peas, in a butter, olive oil and Asiago sauce.

Thursday: Savoury butternut squash soup with toasted pine nut topping. (Vegetarian.)

Friday: Breakfast for supper (sausages, eggs, and grits/polenta)

Saturday: Ham and egg fried rice/quinoa.

Nothing fancy, but tasty and filling.

Grocery bill worked out to $98.33 USD for the week, ($138.19 Aus, 64.91 British pounds, 87.81 Euro) which includes pet supplies (with 5 furry friends, this adds up) and household goods, and which affords us a 20 cent per gallon discount on gas. Our store - part of a sizeable chain - offers a per gallon discount when buying fuel at their stations, size of discount depending on the amount spent in the store and accumulating over the month. It all helps!

Speaking of helps, have you heard of amaranth? It's a very decorative and highly nutritious grain which is much easier to grow than quinoa... our friend Dee had some naturalise in her garden bed, and gave me some of the seed to grow next year! Score! It's gorgeous, btw...

The (young) leaves can be cooked and eaten much like spinach as well.

So, plans for the rest of the week include drying garlic, sage, thyme, and oregano. I'll also be drying apples for use later in the year... dried apple pies anyone?... and drying pineapple for including in homemade trail mix. Oh, and making a batch of pesto. Yum, pesto! I'll be baking bread toward the end of the week, and finishing up a dish mat I've been working on as well as starting place mats and cloth napkins. That's on top of the usual stuff I do, lol. I'll still be blogging, but perhaps not quite as much. Or such long posts.

And how is your week shaping up?

For Lee, who also likes Gene Krupa:

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Feelin' Groofy

And my hat's off to Buttons! (Here's the promised photo, taken by my sweetheart.)

Well, actually it was on during most of this chilly, gloomy day and I noticed the oddest thing. It was a shaky day but rather than the half-disgusted, half-puzzled looks I often get, I was getting concerned glances and sympathetic smiles; when I needed to go to the restroom one woman started toward me with her hand out as I was getting out of the wheelchair. (We'd gone to several shops in a short amount of time, which can be difficult for me to manage, hence the wheelchair.) People were being careful not to walk in front of me when I wheeled myself around, and one even made a comment about how 'well' I looked, whilst smiling at me sweetly.

This happens like never, and I've been to most of these shops before... and used a wheelchair when necessary. To say I was confused would be an understatement. Was it get on Santa's 'nice' list day?

Then it hit me: Button's hat and my uber-short haircut made it look as though I was bald - and what do people generally assume when they see a bald woman? Was it possible? Did they think I have cancer? When a sales clerk came over to ask if I needed help with anything, (I wondered if that would extend to washing my windows...) with her eyes continually straying to my beautiful hat, of course it was the hat, and then wandering down to give me a look full of pity, I knew. She thought I had cancer and had lost my hair. For Pete's sake people, maybe I just want to keep my head warm in style!

Really though, it was rather a sweet, if mistaken, response.

In any case, the day wasn't a total loss... we spotted a recliner I actually love. A lot. Since I generally dislike recliners, that was a moment for the books.

Pretty cool Mission-style recliner. 

I also found the perfect response to that cheesy question, "What's your sign?". LOL.

Oh, and if you're wondering if 'Groofy' is misspelled, it isn't. It means a groovy, goofy mood. Why yes, I did inventer it - I'll happily share it, however.

And how is your weekend going along?

Saturday, October 3, 2015


...on Facebook lately. No, that doesn't mean I'll be leaving here, I have lots of hours to fill, remember?

Some time ago, I wrote a post about my experiences as a young girl needing breast reduction surgery, if you don't remember it you can find it Here. Immediately thereafter, I began receiving one friend request after another on Facebook - all from former schoolmates. The friend requests from former schoolmates are still coming in. Colour me shocked. 

I share my blog posts on Facebook, and family members and current friends left comments, but this particular post was absolutely flooded with comments from those with whom I'd gone to school. Supportive, regretful, expressing their happiness at seeing me again; even apologising (when they had absolutely nothing to apologise for, btw). I'd never thought of myself as someone who was liked, or even really noticed for other than the massive frontal appendages.

It's been an eye-opener, and one I'm glad to have received - it's been fascinating, seeing who these people have become, where their lives have taken them, how they've realised their dreams. Aeronautic engineers, event planners, contractors, professors, medical professionals, yes; decent, hard-working, fun-loving and caring people as well. They're pretty cool, all in all.

So now I've gotten all that off my chest, so to speak, more totally random pictures!

Filling and warming: au gratin potato casserole for supper tonight.

A colourful autumn display at one of my favourite shops.

A book recently spotted... it really, really wanted to come home with me!

Spotted this gorgeous sunset as we were leaving the bookstore...

And this mural with a rainbow above... yes, that glare was a rainbow, really. The photos, however, didn't show the colours but I still found the pictures intriguing, so went with it.

Guess you could say I'm forever chasing rainbows.

Because it seems appropriate and is such a classic, performed by Pink:

(Andrew's Link)