Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sometimes on Saturday - Random Architecture

For those who like architecture; re-posting photos of various homes and buildings in the area. (All photos my own unless otherwise stated.)

 Above: St. Andrew's Episcopal. Below: The county jail, built in 1908, and since replaced.

Above: The Clabber Girl baking powder museum. Below: A neighbouring county's octagonal tile war memorial.

Above: An abandoned blue Italianate house, located in a nearby town. Below: A pink Italianate, located in the same town. This particular style was very popular in the town of Greencastle. As a side note: the pink house is where my childhood doctor lived and had her offices.

Above: The old Cataract general store; you can't see it in this photo, but had I turned around I could have taken a picture of the old two-room schoolhouse my father attended when he was wee. Below: A couple of views of the now fully-restored Indiana theatre.

Hope you've enjoyed this tour of some of the area's architecture. And now, in 'honour' of Indiana's most recent excursion into legislative idiocy:

Friday, March 27, 2015

When Chipmunks Are Bribed.... (Another Animal Adventure)

...and guilty pleasures. First, though, you have to watch this video. Unless you're allergic to cuteness, in which case skip it, I wouldn't want to be responsible for anyone going to hospital.

Oh just watch it already!

I posted this wee video on Facebook today, and as a result my mother reminded me of an 'adventure' involving chipmunks from my younger years...

Let me preface this by saying that Pop was a joker... a practical joker... often doing things like, oh, tossing a tray of ice cubes in bed with me and holding me down in them, and so on. He was also the master of the poker face. So having set the scene:

This particular autumn, which led to a blizzard-prone winter, my part of the house had been invaded by chipmunks. (The 'adult' half of the house was separated from my half of the house by a largish room.) Sure, chipmunks are cute and all that, but... these little rascals were the 'party hearty' type who, amongst other things, liked to run races across the top of my canopy bed. I'm pretty sure they'd gotten into Pop's elderberry cordial because they occasionally lost their footing and fell off beside, or even onto, the bed. Thrilling, to be sure!

Then it happened: Mom and I opened the bottom drawer of my dresser, looking for my sweaters (jumpers) since the temperatures had dropped. The sweaters were there, and quite thoroughly chewed, but it took a second or two of utter disbelief to spot them buried under a drawer full of....... dry dog food! No wonder the chipmunks were in a partying mood. At the time I swore up and down that Pop had done it, had dumped the dog food in the drawer, because how could such cute little creatures be such utter brats, right? Now, however, I know better...

Talking with Mom on the phone last night, laughing about the Great Chipmunk Dog Food Robbery, I opined that Pop had bribed the little varmints to bury their 'treasure' in my drawers. Unsurprisingly, at the very same moment, Pop was telling Mom how easy it was the bribe the critters. Ah Ha! I was right all along... Pop was at the bottom of the Great Chipmunk Heist of '78! Yeah, this guy:

If you look on the side bar under animal adventures, you'll find other crazy animal tales.

And now, a few other 'critters' ... found along the road, in front of a place called 'Boot City'.

Do you have any 'guilty pleasures' songs? This is one of mine, and seems particularly appropriate with these photos:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mostly Borrowed, But Not Blue!

Feeling froggy? Well let's hop to it! But first, a couple of seaside photos taken by our musical cousin, Bass Flow, and graciously shared. At Portencross: (Click on any of the photos to enlargen.)

Music 'borrowed' from Lori at The Skoog Farm Journal, questions 'borrowed' from East Gwillimbury CameraGirl. Photos my own, unless otherwise stated... they aren't really related to the questions, just some photos taken last weekend at my favourite garden centre, etc...

6. If I were a direction, I'd be.... South, the place of warmth, and the heart.

7. If I were a piece of furniture... I'd be a Hoosier Cabinet. Not only are natives of Indiana called Hoosiers, a Hoosier cabinet is both attractive and useful; especially at the time when they were most popular.

(Wouldn't this be a fun display on a fence?!)

8. If I were a liquid I would be... Honeysuckle wine, just because it sounds so good.

(Love pussy willow.)

9. If I were a gemstone... I'd be peridot, because it's out of this world! Actually, it was originally from out of this world, and traveled here via meteorites. Pretty cool, huh?

(Another view of pussy willow, can you tell I've been playing with filters a bit?)

10. If I were a tree... I'd be a sequoia. Need I really explain why?

And in my favourite garden centre, Blooms Bros. at Apple House, amidst all the fertilisers, bagged compost, seeds and plants, we find........ a sweetie counter!

I spotted this video on Lori's blog, a cover of Meg Trainor's 'All About That Bass' done in the post-modern style of the Big Band and girl group era. It's even better than the original in my opinion; hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Old Wet Hen

Remember this photo, taken at 'the blue hour' of twilight... a beautiful, round, red barn? No, the blue isn't from using a filter; part of why it appeals to me so much.

I fell in love with that barn so a couple of weekends ago, once things were thawing, we drove by again:

A closer view of that fabulous barn; round barns were quite popular in this area for a time, I'm delighted to see this one so well cared for. And now for a few more barns around the area... (Click on any to enlargen.)

A friend's old tile 'barn', he lives in the bigger barn across the lane...

Log barn located in the Fowler Park pioneer village, and another view -

This barn was located less than a mile from the round barn. I'm not sure how well the colour will show here, but it's a deep salmon-pink... not a colour I'd ever seen used on a barn before.

So, the date with the cardiologist... a soft-spoken man I'll call Dr. Gentle for his kindly manner. As Shawn Mullins once sang: "He's a nice old guy, for a younger man". It seems our 'affair of the heart' is far from over, and I'll be seeing much more of him in the near future. Tests and stuff. Another visit with the neurologist in April, with more stuff to deal with. Both doctors are nice enough; I'd be happy never to see them again however. At this point I can be frightened and fretting, or I can be angry, pull up my big girl panties, and just deal with it.  And the winner iiiiisss: Be mad as an old wet hen in granny panties, and deal with it.

Or I could turn green and intone "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

I like the green option! However, right now I'm feeling....... Pink. (Video not for kidling's consumption.)

Saturday, March 21, 2015


   I'd forgotten, when doing the last post, that the cardiologist and I have a 'date' on Monday so I'll see you again Tuesday. Until then, these seem appropriate for a Sunday post: (Joining inSPIREd Sunday... check them out Here, thanks for the suggestion Tex!)

'til Tuesday! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Beneath the Concrete Cloud (A re-worked post.)

                                                                   image credit

Seeing that, of late, several new folks have started following my blog... (welcome, and thank you!) it seems fitting that I re-post some bits of writing as a way of, well, introducing myself. Thanks for being patient with me! This post was inspired by a wise old doc who found something that actually worked:

 Of late I've noticed a tendency to call depression 'the black dog' on some of my favourite blogs, but since I'm really quite fond of dogs, I characterise it another way: living beneath the concrete cloud. A dull grey sameness that smothers and smashes the psyche; filled with vicious 'voices' that rip and tear at the soul until everything seems dull and hopeless, and the more one tries to fight it the more power it has to seep in. When healthy, our bodies and minds have a certain resilience that we take so much for granted we hardly notice it until it's gone... and begins to come back. We can resist the soundtracks we all have in the backgrounds of our minds, the soundtrack which contains every negative thing said to us, or which we've thought about ourselves; and then, suddenly, we can't.

   My soundtrack contains such gems as: "It's all in your head... you're not really sick, you just want attention... whiny crybaby... the people you love have to be tired of you by now... people just feel sorry for you... you just want pity... you're no use to anyone... you're destroying your family... no one wants to listen to you whine... you're lazy... you think you have it bad!..." and on and on. And because one is lost beneath the concrete cloud, there seems to be no way past it, the words just keep echoing. Growing louder. The past few months have been particularly hard; fatigue isn't a strong enough word. I've slept through the day with the Great Scot, (who works nights) and 'napped' for 6-8 hours at night, and only been exhausted in between. Everything has suffered during that time, which only serves to make the soundtrack play that much louder... "you're letting everyone down." Usually my sense of the absurd, or a determined effort to focus on positives, shuts the soundtrack down and breaks through the concrete, but nothing was working this time. The more loudly cheery I pretended to be, the worse things were getting...

   What does this have to do with vitamin D deficiency? Tuesday night I'd laid down for a nap and couldn't get to sleep. Instead, I was looking around the house... which desperately needs to be re-organised... and found myself getting mad, and making plans for what to do and how to do it. Tonight, after my 5th megadose of D yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom... starting re-organising the bedroom... and began trimming Lily's coat. The soundtrack is muting. I'm not all the way back but it seems Dr. Wheeler was right, and vitamin D makes a fine jackhammer for concrete clouds. Oh look, is that a ray of light?

Next week: Barns, more answered questions, music (of course) and did I mention Barns?

This next bit of music was, ahem, 'borrowed' from my dearie dear friend Mitchell, from Mitchell is Moving. It is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of 'Simple Gifts' by YoYo Ma and Alison Krauss; enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Borrower

Music, lists; I'll borrow it all and without a speck of shame! Today, and for the next few days, I'm borrowing a list of questions from East Gwillimbury Camera Girl. The photos, however, are all my own (unless otherwise stated.)

One of Bass Flow's photos, this was taken at Loch Awe. Gorgeous, innit!

So, for the questions...

1. If I were a month... I'd be October, with it's flaming leaves, brilliant blue skies, and soft, glowing, mists.

Another of BF's brilliant photos!

2. If I were a day of the week... Sunday, because that's the one day of the week the Great Scot definitely doesn't have to work; time with my sweetheart is precious and priceless.

3. If I were a time of day... I'd be evening; a long October evening shading the woods and fields with gold before softening down into twilight.

4. If I were a font, I'd be... Georgia; just myself and nothing more needed.

5. If I were a planet, I'd be... a grumpy Earth. Why? Because it's not nice to fool (with) Mother Nature!

Radical Face...