Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frabjous Friday - Food Glorious Food!

   I'm sure that someone out there wouldn't agree that food is frabjous but since this is my blog I get to decide on what is and isn't frabjous. Today I'm going to share some of my favourite foodie blogs with you and some of them are definitely frabjous!

(Click on blog name.) First up is Abundance on a Dime Not only does this blog share frugal living tips you'll find great recipes in the blog and sidebar.

You'll also want to check out Jen at Beantown Baker She does every kind of recipe imaginable although I must confess that her dislike of pizza makes me wonder just how compatible we are....Jen also writes for the Cooking New England blog (part of Yankee magazine)

Then we have Cecilia's blog at Casa Baluarte which features Illongo (from the Phillipines) recipes as well as restaurant reviews from the Los Angeles, CA area. I've borrowed a couple of her recipes and believe me, they're great!

Kevin, from Closet Cooking is incredibly imaginative and creative with his recipes; I never fail to say "wow, gotta try that"!

If you're in the mood for a funny, intelligent blog with the occasional gem of a recipe you should visit Bellona at Confessions of a Recalcitrant Goddess I made her sausage and apple stuffing tonight and it was delicious; also, she uses big words like recalcitrant and that makes me very very happy.

Melissa of I Breathe........I'm Hungry has a unique take on cooking; most of her recipes are diabetic friendly as well as being lowfat, lowcarb, and delicious!

If you love Spanish, Mexican, Cuban, etc... food you'll love La Cocina de Nathan ! It's the blog of a 20-something young man who loves to cook and share the recipes handed down in his family. Makes me want to drop by for a visit in the hopes he has something on the stove.

The blog Little Red Said shares great food and craft ideas; if you enjoy eating or creating you'll love this blog.

Do you have celiac's disease or know someone who does? Then Mom, What's For Dinner is a blog you must check out. Doctors diagnosed Christi's then 16 year old daughter with celiac's and she provides delicious gluten-free recipes that will keep even the pickiest eater healthy and happy!

Now this is a wonderfully frabjous food blog! Maria from My Life in Food: A Culinary "Art" Journal is funny, intelligent, and pretty darn creative. Not only does she do some hilarious food cartoons, she creates and sells jewelry as well as cooks! I always look forward to her posts; they brighten my day considerably.

Siobhan lives and works in London; her blog Siobhan Claude Van-Damme talks about life, work, love, her upcoming wedding and of course recipes. Can't wait until fresh, local, plums are available so I can try making her plum cake.

From Kentucky we have Beth of The Goodness of the Garden
She blogs about gardening and using garden produce during the winter...if you've ever wondered what to do with those winter squashes, etc... you've saved, here is the place to find out.

Last but certainly not least, we have Val Loves To Cook from Florida. This blog is a buried treasure in my opinion....I'm not sure why she doesn't have more followers since her recipes look luscious!

Good thing for the day: Getting to talk with my bestie on messenger; it's been ages!

Music for the day: (yes, it does have to have a food theme)


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I clapped my hands in girlish delight when I saw my name. :) I read many of the blogs you listed and will definitely check out the rest.

  2. It's not surprising we read many of the same blogs since there are several I found through your blog. Oh and of course I mentioned your blog; for all the reasons I mentioned and more....I mean, c'mon, a picture of Maria Callas? How frabjous is that??

  3. Thanks for the mention! And the lovely compliment. I call my sons my beamish boys so I enjoyed your use of frabjous. I'm a word junkie as well as a foodie. Glad you liked the stuffing.

  4. Thank you for mentioning my blog! I would love to hear how your plum cake goes once you have fresh plums.


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